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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Nijo feel when the Emperor died?
(a) Confusion.
(b) Joy.
(c) Grief.
(d) Indifference.

2. Where does Marlene work?
(a) An employment agency.
(b) An insurance agency.
(c) At a college.
(d) A tecnology company.

3. What does Marlene order to drink at the restaurant as the play opens?
(a) Soda.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Wine.
(d) Water.

4. Why is Jeanine changing jobs?
(a) She is tired of her current job.
(b) She is having a mid-life crisis.
(c) She is changing careers.
(d) She was laid-off.

5. Which character's children were taken away and never returned?
(a) Griselda.
(b) Marlene.
(c) Joan.
(d) Nijo.

6. Which character thinks that good works are most important?
(a) Isabella.
(b) Nijo.
(c) Marlene.
(d) Pope Joan.

7. Where does Act 1, Part 1 take place?
(a) In Marlene's home.
(b) In a restaurant.
(c) In a living room.
(d) In Japan.

8. Which character insists she could never live the life of a "lady"?
(a) Isabella.
(b) Griselda.
(c) Marlene.
(d) Nijo.

9. According to Marlene, how often does she, herself, do good works?
(a) Never.
(b) Only when someone deserves help.
(c) Very often.
(d) Sometimes.

10. What was Walter's final test of his wife's love?
(a) He had her organize his wedding.
(b) He asked her to murder someone.
(c) He took their first child from her.
(d) He cheated on her.

11. Which topic of conversation is not mentioned in the beginning of the play?
(a) The women's schooling.
(b) The women's ability to swim.
(c) Damnation, good works, and going to church.
(d) The women's fathers.

12. When did Joan take a lover?
(a) Before she became Pope.
(b) After she had a baby.
(c) When she became Pope.
(d) Joan never took a lover.

13. What was one of the Emperor's rituals?
(a) Drinking a bottle of saki on Saturdays.
(b) Practicing yoga each morning.
(c) Beating his women.
(d) Watching for the moon rise.

14. What best describes Marlene's attitude with Jeanine during the interview?
(a) Hostile and nasty.
(b) Strange and creepy.
(c) Blunt and realistic.
(d) Kind and sweet.

15. What activity did Isabella put her life's energy into?
(a) Caring for horses.
(b) Caring for her exotic garden.
(c) Caring for her elderly parents.
(d) Caring for her children.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Marlene, Jeanine will get either job if:

2. What did Joan hope to understand as Pope?

3. What is Angie's secret?

4. Who was Joan's lover?

5. Who seems the least upset as Griselda tells her story?

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