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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 3, Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the consequence of Joan's birth experience?
(a) The baby is hailed as a miracle.
(b) She and the baby are stoned to death.
(c) The baby is raised by nuns.
(d) She and the baby are forced to go into hiding.

2. Marlene's visit a year ago was:
(a) The worst day of Angie's life.
(b) The most confusing day of Angie's life.
(c) The best day of Angie's life.
(d) The most boring day of Angie's life.

3. What does Marlene complain about to the other women as she enters work?
(a) The subway was running late.
(b) She is hung over.
(c) She is underpaid.
(d) The coffee is too hot.

4. What did Joan hope to understand as Pope?
(a) The history of her religion's rituals.
(b) Why men are in powerful positions.
(c) A deeper, spiritual truth.
(d) Intricacies of the Bible.

5. According to Mrs. Kidd, what is demeaning for Howard?
(a) To work for a woman
(b) To work in an office job
(c) To work at an employment agency
(d) To work for a white person

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Howard not coming in to work during the course of the play?

2. According to Joan, what the pope says is:

3. According to Win, Louise will have to interview against:

4. What is the perk of the job Marlene mentions to Jeanine that has less pay?

5. How do the dinner guests react to Joan's story?

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