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Mock Fashion Show

Design a mock fashion show featuring the clothes Nijo would have worn when she was a courtesan. Find clothes from magazines or online sources. You may also decide to sew or draw your own.

Runaway Suitcase

Make a list of what Angie would include in her bag or suitcase when she ran away to London, and why she would include each item.

Motherly Dialogue

Write a five-minute dialogue that Marlene would have had with her mother during their visit.

Dear Angie

Write a letter from Marlene to Angie where she tells her that she is her daughter, not her niece.

Marlene on the Spot

With another student, role-play what you think Marlene's interview to work at Top Girls would have been like.

Rainy Day

With a partner, devise a list of ten things Kit and Angie would do to amuse themselves on a rainy afternoon...

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