Top Girls Character Descriptions

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Angie - This character is sixteen-years-old.

Isabella Bird - This character is Scottish, lived in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and traveled extensively later in life.

Dull Gret - This quiet character is the subject of a painting where she wears an apron and armor and leads a group of women into hell to fight with devils.

Jeanine - This character is engaged to be married and interviews to work with Top Girls.

Pope Joan - This aloof character from the ninth century allegedly served in a very high clerical position from 854 to 856.

Joyce - This working-class character is an older sister.

Mrs. Kidd - This character is the wife of the man who got passed over for a promotion at Top Girls.

Kit - This clever character is the twelve-year-old best friend of an older girl in the neighborhood.

Louise - This forty-six-year-old...

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