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Short Answer Questions

1. What can Lincoln not take his eyes off at the end of Scene 4?

2. What does Lincoln show Booth to do in Scene 5?

3. What does Lincoln do after the card game with real money ends in Scene 6?

4. What kind of work does Lincoln tell Booth he should try and get before being married?

5. What is Booth doing at the beginning of Scene 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where has Lincoln come from when he enters the room at the beginning of Scene 6?

2. What is Lincoln's complaint regarding his work costume in Scene 4?

3. Describe Lincoln's mood at the beginning of Scene 4.

4. Describe the end of the scene after Booth goes into a rage at the end of Scene 6.

5. What does Lincoln begin reminiscing about in Scene 4?

6. What is the nature of Lincoln and Booth's card game at the end of Scene 5?

7. Describe how Lincoln approaches his three-card monte setup in Scene 4.

8. What does Lincoln tell Booth regarding finding work in Scene 6?

9. Describe Lincoln and Booth's card game when they use real money near the end of Scene 6.

10. In Scene 4, what does Lincoln say happened when he chose to hustle again despite his doubts?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the external pressures placed upon Lincoln in the play. What reasons did the author have for presenting such pressures on this character?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the role of control in the play. Which characters exhibited control and how did they gain this power? What did control represent to the play's characters?

Essay Topic 3

Examine the nature of Lincoln's job as an impersonator in the play. What significance does this position hold in terms of the theme of the play?

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