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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How late is the person Booth is waiting for at the beginning of Scene 5?
(a) 1 hour.
(b) 15 minutes.
(c) A few hours.
(d) 30 minutes.

2. Who wins the card game with real money near the end of Scene 6?
(a) Cookie.
(b) Booth.
(c) Lonny.
(d) Lincoln.

3. Complete the sentence: "thuh world puts its ____ in yr face and you don't move".
(a) Hand.
(b) Foot.
(c) Mouth.
(d) Fist.

4. What does Booth tell Lincoln he will have to do at the beginning of Scene 6?
(a) Bail him out of jail.
(b) Move out.
(c) Help him hustle.
(d) Get a new job.

5. What does Lincoln hold up for Booth to see near the end of Scene 5?
(a) His inheritance.
(b) His cards.
(c) His gun.
(d) His watch.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Lincoln and Booth begin to do after they discuss getting jobs?

2. What does Lincoln show disapproval of towards Booth in Scene 6?

3. What does Lincoln's boss require him to do every day that no one else must do?

4. What does Lincoln tell Booth he landed a job as the beginning of Scene 6?

5. What has Lincoln not touched since Lonny died?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Lincoln react when Booth suggests they form a hustling team in Scene 5?

2. What does Lincoln tell Booth regarding finding work in Scene 6?

3. Describe the end of the scene after Booth goes into a rage at the end of Scene 6.

4. In Scene 5, what is Booth's opinion of his parents abandoning him and Lincoln?

5. Describe Lincoln and Booth's first three-card monte game in Scene 6.

6. What did Lincoln and Booth's parents tell each of them in regard to their inheritance?

7. What does Lincoln begin reminiscing about in Scene 4?

8. Describe Lincoln's mood at the beginning of Scene 4.

9. In Scene 4, how does Lincoln describe some of the people he has hustled money out of?

10. What does Lincoln say about his job as an impersonator when Booth questions him about it in Scene 6?

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