Topdog/Underdog Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Booth react when Lincoln sneaks up on him at the beginning of Scene 1?

When Lincoln sneaks up on Booth at the beginning of Scene 1, Booth is surprised by his sudden appearance, pulls a gun on him, and then warns him to never sneak up on him again.

2. What does Booth tell Lincoln he is going to do with the ring he has in Scene 1?

When Booth produces a fake diamond ring in Scene 1, he tells Lincoln he is going to give it to his girlfriend Grace and ask her to marry him, saying that she's in love with him, but just doesn't know it yet.

3. How is Lincoln's appearance described in Scene 1?

In Scene 1, Lincoln is still in his work costume which consists of him being dressed as Abraham Lincoln in full costume and white face paint.

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