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Lesson 1 (from Scene 1)


Scene 1. In Scene 1, the reader is given a glimpse into the strange relationship between brothers Lincoln and Booth. In fact, from their first encounter, it is clear that the nature of these siblings relationship is flawed and complex. This lesson will examine the nature of Booth and Lincoln's relationship in the play.


1. Class Discussion: What is telling about the first encounter witnessed between Lincoln and Booth? What does the content of their conversation in this scene suggest about the nature of their relationship? Do the brothers seem to trust one another? What reasons might the brothers have for showing such hostility towards each other?

2. Foreshadowing: Discuss the possibility of having Booth act so violently toward Lincoln in the first act, foreshadowing the fact that he may do something like that again. What is the possibility that his violence will escalate towards his brother?

3. Writing Assignment...

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