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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the owner of the hotel (Abraham's) brother?

2. Who has a drink with Pieter at the Royal Hotel?

3. Who does Pieter decide to confide in after church services in Chapter 11?

4. Who does Pieter guess is the new social welfare officer?

5. Where did Pieter put the note he found pinned to his house door?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened with small pox in Venterspan?

2. What is ironic about Japie telling Pieter he may come to him for marriage advice?

3. What rugby news does the young dominee telephone Pieter about?

4. What happens when Pieter finds Stephanie alone before the two constables arrive to take her away in Chapter 7?

5. How does the news of Pieter's charges affect Frans, Sophie and Pieter's mom?

6. Who is Moffie and why does Pieter envy him?

7. Describe the lieutenant and his wife, Nella's, opposing reactions to Dick's pursuit of a black woman.

8. Why does Kappie call Pieter lieutenant even though Pieter insists that Kappie call him by his first name?

9. After Pieter saw his captain with Captain Jooste, he was called to the captain's office. What happened?

10. How does Pieter help Vorster after he sees Vorster's note?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Nella has a definitive opinion about black and white relationships as indicated in the beginning of the story. Describe this opinion. How does her perspective change by the time we get to the end of the story involving her husband, Pieter? Support all responses with story details.

Essay Topic 2

Paton uses this story to convey a disdain for the apartheid in South Africa. Cite specific details from the story that demonstrate this disdain, an indictment of such hatred and bigotry, as well as providing how such affected the story and its characters' "realness."

Essay Topic 3

In the story, Jakob's decision to take away Pieter's stamp collection affected outcomes. How does this decision and the outcomes parallel with Pieter's decision to become involved with Stephanie and the resulting outcomes?

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