Too Late the Phalarope Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. The narrator describes the lieutenant as "two men," in Chapter 1. How does the narrator justify such a description?

In Chapter 1 the dichotomy of the lieutenant's personality is seen through his boyhood behavior (reading books, respect for blacks, ability to shoot, and out-ride everyone) and through his service as a soldier, police officer and athlete. This is why the lieutenant is described as two men.

2. Why does Stephanie have power now over the young man that chased her into the shadows of the trees?

Since Stephanie knows the identity of her pursuer she could report him and he would be criminally charged. This gives Stephanie power over the young man chasing her into the trees.

3. Describe the lieutenant and his wife, Nella's, opposing reactions to Dick's pursuit of a black woman.

The lieutenant forgave Dick for his behavior and reminded him of the law. Nella was disgusted and wanted no future dealings with Dick, even limiting his presence to the study if her husband just had to have him to the house. The lieutenant and his wife have different reactions to Dick's behavior, an early indication of things to come in the story.

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