Tomorrow, When the War Began Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

John Marsden (writer)
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Essay Topic 1

Ellie has a strong personality. Describe it and how she gets along with others.

Essay Topic 2

Describe Hell, its physical characteristics, and its attractions as a place to camp.

Essay Topic 3

A romance seems to be brewing between Homer and Fiona in Chapters 1 through 5. Why is this surprising?

Essay Topic 4

What does Ellie mean, in Chapter 4, when she says maybe Hell is people?

Essay Topic 5

What are the reasons Ellie likes both Homer and Lee? How are these two boys the same or different?

Essay Topic 6

Other than a war, what other reasonable explanations could there be for the absence of the teens' parents and the state of their homes when they return from Hell?

Essay Topic 7

In Chapter 6, does Ellie yell at Lee and Robyn for the same or different reasons? What are the reasons? Is this a normal reaction for a person in her...

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