Tomorrow, When the War Began Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Marsden (writer)
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Chapters 1 through 5

• The teens choose Ellie to document their history.

• Corrie, Ellie's friend, comes up with the idea to take a camping trip.

• Ellie and Corrie invite Homer, Lee, Robyn, Fiona, and Kevin to go camping with them.

• The teens plan on driving down to Tailor's Stitch to go camping, but then Ellie decides to go camping in Hell.

• Ellie's father forces her to promise that she will be the only one to drive the car on the way to Hell.

• The teens find that the only way into Hell is a series of dangerous cliffs called Satan's Steps.

• Robyn finds a bridge that makes it easier to get into the camping ground.

• The group speculates about the Hermit who is rumored to have lived in Hell.

• When the teens get to an open area, they decide to set up camp.

• Fiona eats a dinner of two-minute noodles...

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