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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What piece of news does the School Nurse give Tom?
(a) He has been assigned the large study he wants.
(b) He is expelled from Rugby.
(c) He will be living in different quarters.
(d) He has a severe fever.

2. Why do the boys, including Tom and Williams, quickly disperse?
(a) The School Nurse has arrived.
(b) The fight has ended.
(c) The police have been called.
(d) So as not to get caught by the Doctor.

3. What happens when the teacher realizes he has forgotten his keys?
(a) He calls a locksmith.
(b) He and Tom have to break in.
(c) He and Tom sit on the front stoop.
(d) He and Tom go back to school.

4. What do the boys wonder about the move?
(a) Whether or not it is safe.
(b) Where Tom learned the move.
(c) How to do it.
(d) Whether or not it is legal.

5. A few weeks before Arthur was to be sent to Rugby, what happens to his father and mother?
(a) They are murdered in a robbery that went bad.
(b) Both become ill with typhus.
(c) They adopt another child.
(d) They move to London.

6. Why does Tom decide to send Arthur into the game?
(a) Out of respect for Arthur's commitment to the game and for all Arthur has done for him.
(b) Several other players are injured, so Tom had no choice but to put in Arthur.
(c) He has been begging to be put in the game, and Tom has a hard time saying no to Arthur.
(d) He is the best player on the team.

7. With whom does Tom get into a fight?
(a) Martin.
(b) An older boy named Williams.
(c) East.
(d) The Doctor.

8. How do the two fighters treat one another, once Young Brooke steps in?
(a) They detest one another.
(b) No better than before.
(c) With respect.
(d) Worse than before.

9. Of what does Young Brooke convince the Doctor?
(a) The fight was not necessarily a bad thing,
(b) The boys are only playing.
(c) The fight is dangerous and the boys should be punished.
(d) There was no fight.

10. Why does the farmer chase the boys?
(a) They have stolen his duck.
(b) Boys have been stealing horses from his farm and he is suspicious of these four boys.
(c) They are hose thieves.
(d) Boys have been stealing birds from his farm and he is suspicious of these four boys.

11. Tom and East return to Rugby, after a holiday, full of what?
(a) Anxiousness and stress.
(b) Regret and despair.
(c) Fear and anxiety.
(d) Excitement and plans for the new term.

12. What does Tom do when he sits in the same seat he sat in when he first comes to the school?
(a) He says a prayer for the Doctor.
(b) He is quickly overcome by both memories and a grieving gratitude for the Doctor's life.
(c) He talks to the Doctor.
(d) He sings a hymn.

13. How is Arthur, physically, at this point in the story?
(a) He is stronger than Tom.
(b) He becomes physically sturdier and more active.
(c) He is the same.
(d) He is weaker than when he first arrived.

14. How does Tom quickly gain the upper hand?
(a) He sees the sense of East's suggestions.
(b) He uses speed and agility.
(c) He ignores East's advice.
(d) He ducks Williams' blows.

15. What does East admit to Tom?
(a) He has never been confirmed.
(b) He had never been to church before attending Rugby.
(c) He has never been baptized.
(d) He is not a Christian.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Young Brooke remain?

2. Why does Arthur not play with other boys but spends time studying the Bible and discussing philosophy with his father?

3. What else does the School Nurse tell Tom?

4. What does the narrator suggest all boys reading the book should learn?

5. What is essentially East's character?

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