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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does East tell Tom?
(a) The school is boring.
(b) Do not run onto the soccer pitch.
(c) To leave Rugby.
(d) He has arrived on a good day.

2. Who teaches Tom how to wrestle?
(a) The boys attending the local private school.
(b) The two farm hands.
(c) The Squire.
(d) The sons of the village laborers.

3. How does the narrative voice shift?
(a) From third person to first person.
(b) From first person present tense to first person past tense.
(c) From first person past tense to first person present tense.
(d) From first person to third person.

4. Who does Tom's mother take in, train, and pass on to other jobs?
(a) Slave girls.
(b) Horses.
(c) Young men.
(d) Young women.

5. What is Tom's reaction to his father's speech?
(a) Near-tearful.
(b) Irritated.
(c) Fearful.
(d) Annoyed.

6. What does East warn Tom?
(a) School starts early in the morning.
(b) Flashman will want Tom as a friend.
(c) Flashman and some of the older boys will come looking for them to play the game of tossing them in a blanket.
(d) The curriculum at Rugby is very difficult.

7. Why are the boys being timed?
(a) To see how quickly they can do the times tables.
(b) To see who can hold his breath the longest.
(c) To see how quickly they run a mile.
(d) To see you can swim the farthest.

8. How does Tom feel about helping Diggs?
(a) He is proud of himself for having done the right thing.
(b) He feels obligated to help him.
(c) He regrets helping Diggs.
(d) He wishes he did not have to help him.

9. What narrative form is initially used in this chapter?
(a) First person past tense.
(b) First person present tense.
(c) Second person.
(d) Third person.

10. Who tells Tom stories about the wild misbehavior of the other Rugby boys he had met?
(a) The boys he meets at school.
(b) His father.
(c) The coachman.
(d) The owner of the roadside inn.

11. How is the meal in the common room and roll call?
(a) Boring.
(b) Silent.
(c) Noisy.
(d) Quiet.

12. When are Tom, East, and Diggs all embarrassed?
(a) Flashman auctions off their belongings.
(b) Flashman abuses them.
(c) They miss their classes.
(d) Diggs expresses his gratitude.

13. Through what city does Tom travel?
(a) Aberdeen.
(b) Dublin.
(c) London.
(d) Paris.

14. What game is East's house going to play?
(a) A game of tennis.
(b) A game of football.
(c) A game of cricket.
(d) A game polo.

15. Instead of focusing on increasing their level of sophistication and the amount of money they possess,What would young men be able to do?
(a) "Tease and torture a man who does not care about wealth and his standing in society."
(b) "Value a man wholly and solely for what was in him."
(c) "Value to price of a pound and put it to good use."
(d) "Enjoy life and all its advantages."

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are the students headed after roll call?

2. How is Tom's mother known?

3. How does Flashman end up on the floor, bleeding?

4. How do both Tom and East feel?

5. What does the Doctor's sermon encourage?

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