Tom Brown's Schooldays Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the narrator's opinion of the English country?

The narrator speaks in rhapsodic detail about the beauty of England, particularly the part of the country he and Tom Brown's family are both from.

2. What is "the veast?"

"The veast" (feast), a traditional, local village fair with booths of food for sale, games of chance, and contests of physical strength and courage. One such contest is called back-sword, and involves two men, each carrying a wooden cudgel or club, climbing into what might be described as a kind of boxing ring, and fighting to see who can make the other's scalp bleed first.

3. How does the narrator believe young men may better themselves?

The narrator believes young men busy with intellectual pursuits, politics and social reform would be much better off if they cultivated friendships. Instead of focusing on increasing their level of sophistication and the amount of money they possess, they would be able to "value a man wholly and solely for what was in him."

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