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The Village and the Vale

This place symbolizes the idealized safety of "home" and creates the additional sense that for most of his childhood, Tom is protected.

Rugby (the Town)

This place is small, friendly and used to the frequent invasions of rambunctious boys from the school. Its presence in the boy's lives is simultaneously a refuge from the drudgery and hard work they go through at the school and a reminder of the outside world that awaits them once they leave.

Rugby (the School)

The goal of this place is to begin the process of preparing boys to become good British citizens - strong, moral, hardworking, and loyal to the empire and the crown.

Tom's Dormitory

This is where the boys sleep, and the sight of many late night conversations and confrontations. The key fight between the prayerful Arthur and the mocking, much-less-religious students, in which the...

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