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The Doctor as God

Draw a portrait of the Doctor, highlighting his God-like qualities.

A Poem to Arthur

Write a poem about Arthur as a Christ-like figure.

Tom versus Flashman

Tom and Flashman represent society in this novel. Write a short essay explaining who they might represent, either in Great Britain in the 1800s or in today's society.

Timeline of Tom's Character

Create a timeline of Tom's character as it evolves throughout the story.

The Duck as a Symbol

The stolen duck is used as a symbol in this book. Draw a picture of what that duck symbolizes.

Time for a Football Match

Organize a football or soccer match for your class. Can you relate to Tom's excitement in joining in the game? Why or why not?

Gruff Love

The Squire and Tom have a gruff, yet intimate relationship. What type of relationship do you have with your...

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