Tom Brown's Schooldays Character Descriptions

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The Narrator

The voice of this character is vividly present throughout the novel, presenting opinions, attitudes, and beliefs in no uncertain terms.

Tom Brown

This character is a rambunctious rule breaker and is transformed into a moral, upright, and compassionate young man.

Squire Brown

This character is a wealthy landowner with open-minded ideas about how people should relate to each other respectfully and openly without regard to status of any kind.


This character is Tom's first and best friend at Rugby School. Eager, energetic and something of a troublemaker, he is Tom's partner in crime and eventual partner in spiritual growth.

Old Brooke and Young Brooke

Theses two characters are two examples of the kind of young man the narrator/author clearly believes Tom and indeed all young men should grow into - straightforward, honest, humble, physically strong, and morally clear.


This character's bullying and arrogance...

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