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Part 1, Chapters 1, 2 and 3

• This novel tells the story of a rambunctious young student at a traditional English all-boys school in the mid-1800s, and his transformation from a thoughtless, shallow youth into a thoughtful, selfless, and moral young man.

• The narrator is frustrated with how little British citizens know about the country, and he talks at length about the qualities of the Brown family and the beauty of the country where both he and the Brown family are from.
• Tom Brown's family has rarely left the country where Tom is born, and the narrator admires people who travel the world.

• Tom is raised by Charity, one of the many young women Tom's mother takes in, trains, and sends out to do other work.

• The narrator says young men busy with intellectual pursuits, politics and social reform would be much better off if they cultivated friendships; instead of focusing...

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