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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Mrs. Ramsay so worried about the way her son, Jasper, passes the time?
(a) Because he likes to dance
(b) Because he hides in his room
(c) Because he teases his sisters
(d) Because he shoots birds

2. What is Mrs. Ramsay's opinion on human relationships?
(a) Human relationships are emotionally perfect.
(b) Human relationships are full of love and kindness.
(c) Human relationships are fulfilling and special.
(d) Human relationships are selfish, imperfect, and dreadful.

3. How does Mrs. Ramsay determine which necklace to wear to dinner?
(a) She lets Mr. Ramsay choose for her.
(b) She lets her children, Jasper and Rose, to choose the necklace.
(c) She closes her eyes and picks one from the jewelry box.
(d) She holds each necklace against the dress, finding the closest match.

4. What does Mr. Ramsay say he will do if Mr. Tansley marries Prue?
(a) He will give her away.
(b) He will have a celebration.
(c) He will disown her.
(d) He will wish her the best.

5. How does Mrs. Ramsay quiet the children down, so they can sleep?
(a) She sings them a lullaby.
(b) She hangs her shawl over the skull.
(c) She reads them a fairy tale.
(d) She threatens them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Mrs. Ramsay so annoyed with Mr. Tansley, thinking him hateful?

2. What does Lily see the Ramsay's as a symbol of?

3. Why is Mr. Ramsay angry with his wife, cursing her?

4. What is the only thing Mr. Tansley has to count on?

5. How does Lily react to the rapture that Mr. Bankes feels toward Mrs. Ramsay?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Ramsay ponder is his fate as he looks out at the bay beneath the edge of the lawn?

2. What does Lily Briscoe decide to do as she stares at the tablecloth with its leaf pattern she recognizes from years ago?

3. What does Mrs. Ramsay find odd about her husband as they walk arm in arm?

4. Lily wants to wake up Mr. Carmichael and talk to him about all the questions she has of life, death, and even Mrs. Ramsay. Why does she decide against waking him?

5. What does William Bankes think about as he looks at the far sand hills while walking with Lily Biscoe?

6. Why does Cam feel happy as she lifts her hand out of the sea?

7. Summarize Andrew's description of Minta.

8. What does James remember while he sits in the stillness of the boat on the way to the Lighthouse?

9. What are James' thoughts of his mother as he waits at the tiller for the breeze to fill the sails?

10. What does Mr. Tansley do to predict the weather for the outing to the lighthouse?

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