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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does James react to his father's praise?
(a) He remains silent, wanting to keep the moment forever.
(b) He ignores his father, turning his back on him.
(c) He tells his father to mind his own business.
(d) He tells his father he wishes he would die.

2. What do the Ramsay's want Mrs. McNab to do?
(a) Not to take care of the house anymore
(b) Get the summerhouse ready for the new owners.
(c) Get the summerhouse ready to be put up for sale.
(d) Get the summerhouse ready for their arrival.

3. What question does Mr. Ramsay ask Cam to make her smile?
(a) What is she going to name her puppy?
(b) Where is she going to ride her new scooter?
(c) When is she going to the beach?
(d) What is she going to be when she grows up?

4. Where does Lily imagine her painting will end up as time passes?
(a) Hung in an attic, or rolled up and tossed under a sofa
(b) In a famous art gallery
(c) Thrown in a trash heap
(d) Handed down to her ancestors

5. What are Minta's feelings about Paul's affair with another woman?
(a) She is devastated by the affair.
(b) She is irate, throwing Paul out of the house.
(c) She vows never to speak to Paul again.
(d) She welcomes it because it mended their marriage, so they could be friends.

6. Why can't Lily paint after she sets up her easel?
(a) James and Cam keep interrupting.
(b) Mr. Bankes is coming up the lawn.
(c) She has to make sandwiches for the trip.
(d) Mr. Ramsay is standing with her.

7. What is the condition of the house now that ten years have passed?
(a) The wood floor is in good condition and the walls are solid
(b) The books are moldy, plaster is falling, and the pipes are clogged.
(c) Mrs. McNab kept the house spotless.
(d) Vagrants live in the house.

8. Lily had gone to a Hall to hear Mr. Tansley speak. What was the topic of his speech
(a) He was giving a speech about human suffering through the ages.
(b) He was denouncing something, condemning someone, and talking about brotherly love
(c) He was talking about the meaning of life and revelations.
(d) He was talking about the role of religion in today's world.

9. What does the Macalister boy use for fishing bait while they are on the boat?
(a) He caught flies the day before.
(b) He uses stale bread.
(c) He uses worms he found in the garden.
(d) He cuts a square out of the side of a fish.

10. What is the brown spot Lily sees out in the bay?
(a) A dead, bloated whale
(b) Mr. Ramsay's boat
(c) Old lobster pots
(d) Driftwood

11. What is it that could happen to the house between night and dawn?
(a) Animals could invade the house.
(b) A feather could fall and collapse the house.
(c) A storm could arise and blow off the shutters.
(d) Thieves could empty the house.

12. What work does George do at the summerhouse?
(a) He plants a garden.
(b) He catches the rats and cuts the grass
(c) He mops the floors.
(d) He replaces the hinges.

13. Who writes a volume of poetry that becomes very successful?
(a) Lily Briscoe
(b) Mr. Ramsay
(c) Mr. Carmichael
(d) Mr. Tansley

14. Who does James believe is the only person who speaks the truth?
(a) His father
(b) Cam
(c) Lily Briscoe
(d) His mother

15. How does Mrs. Ramsay react to the arguments?
(a) She becomes tired, resentful, and silent.
(b) She promises herself never to forgive Mr. Ramsay
(c) She talks about Mr. Ramsay behind his back.
(d) She cries hysterically in bed

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lily describe Mr. Ramsay as she looks out at the bay?

2. What is happening to the summerhouse while the Ramsay's are away?

3. What is Lily's description of middle aged people?

4. What is it that bothers Lily so she cannot paint?

5. How does Lily feel while she is painting?

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