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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lily see the blank canvas before her?
(a) She sees it as an impossible task.
(b) She sees it as a friend.
(c) She sees the canvas as if it were rebuking her with a cold stare.
(d) She sees it as a blank slate to paint her emotions.

2. Where does Lily imagine her painting will end up as time passes?
(a) In a famous art gallery
(b) Handed down to her ancestors
(c) Hung in an attic, or rolled up and tossed under a sofa
(d) Thrown in a trash heap

3. Why is Lily disappointed when the Ramsay's leave on the boat?
(a) Because she wishes she were with them
(b) Because she wants Cam to pose for a painting
(c) Because she didn't give sympathy to Mr. Ramsay
(d) Because she is lonely

4. Which one of Mr. Ramsay's daughters does he escort down the aisle to be married?
(a) Cam
(b) Prue
(c) Rose
(d) Nancy

5. Who writes a volume of poetry that becomes very successful?
(a) Mr. Ramsay
(b) Mr. Carmichael
(c) Mr. Tansley
(d) Lily Briscoe

6. What does Mr. Ramsay expect from Lily when he sighs, full of grief?
(a) Conversation
(b) A smile
(c) A walk along the beach
(d) Sympathy

7. Who are the first guests to arrive at the Ramsay's house?
(a) Mr. Tansley and Prue
(b) Lily Briscoe and Mr. Carmichael
(c) Andrew and James
(d) Minta and Paul

8. Why does Mr. Ramsay get angry and bang out of the room?
(a) James and Cam are not ready for the trip, and Nancy forgot the sandwiches.
(b) The weather is looking ominous
(c) Lily is being annoying.
(d) James and Cam are arguing.

9. What is Lily's opinion of the dead?
(a) She pities the dead because they can be ignored, and are at the living's mercy.
(b) She fears the dead in the middle of the night.
(c) She thinks the dead can grant her wishes.
(d) She feels the dead are better off than the living.

10. James looks at his father, seeing him as tired and old. What does he compare his father to?
(a) An old dog lying in the sun
(b) A dead, leafless oak tree
(c) An old stone lying on the sand
(d) The empty shell of an ancient tortoise

11. Who does Mrs. McNab get to help her clean up the Ramsay's house?
(a) Mrs. Bast and her son, George
(b) Lily Briscoe
(c) William Bankes
(d) Mr. Carmichael

12. Why does William Bankes detest the hole in Minta's stocking?
(a) He feels Minta doesn't have the common sense to mend her stocking.
(b) He finds feet offensive.
(c) He believes it is a symbol of disorder, the loss of womanhood, and all the things he abhors.
(d) He remembers the time he was too poor to buy new socks.

13. What is it that bothers Lily so she cannot paint?
(a) She had not offered Mr. Ramsay the sympathy he needed.
(b) She is in love with Mr. Carmichael.
(c) She regrets giving sympathy to Mr. Ramsay.
(d) She is in love with Mr. Ramsay.

14. How does James react to his father's praise?
(a) He ignores his father, turning his back on him.
(b) He tells his father he wishes he would die.
(c) He remains silent, wanting to keep the moment forever.
(d) He tells his father to mind his own business.

15. Lily had gone to a Hall to hear Mr. Tansley speak. What was the topic of his speech
(a) He was giving a speech about human suffering through the ages.
(b) He was talking about the role of religion in today's world.
(c) He was denouncing something, condemning someone, and talking about brotherly love
(d) He was talking about the meaning of life and revelations.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the message in the letter that Mrs. McNab receives from the Ramsay children?

2. What is Lily's description of the Rayleys?

3. Why do Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay get into so many arguments?

4. As the Ramsay's approach the Lighthouse, the waves break upon the rocks. What does Woolf compare these waves to?

5. What does Mr. Ramsay tell James about his ability to steer the boat?

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