To the Lighthouse Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What are James' thoughts about his father when Mr. Ramsay predicts that the weather will not be good enough for the trip to the lighthouse?

James wishes he had a weapon to stab his father in the chest and kill him. His father never says a kind word if he feels it is not true.

2. How does Mrs. Ramsay view life as a lighthouse keeper?

She sees it as a boring life with nothing to do but polish the lighthouse lamp, trim the wick, and rake the garden. The keeper is alone in stormy weather with nothing to amuse him, and no one to talk to. She considers it a dreary life.

3. What does Mr. Tansley do to predict the weather for the outing to the lighthouse?

He holds his finger up to the wind in order to determine in which direction it is blowing. He finds that the wind is blowing due West and agrees with Mr. Ramsay's assessment that the weather will not be calm enough for a landing at the lighthouse.

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