To the Lighthouse Character Descriptions

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Andrew the Just - See Andrew Ramsay

William Bankes - This character is an old botanist friend of Mr. Ramsay's who has come to stay at the Ramsay home. He is a childless widower .

He is intellectually open, willing to understand and appreciate Lily's abstract painting, which suggests the essentially positive character that is hidden beneath his bitterness.

Lily Briscoe - This artist stays with the Ramsay family in the first section of the novel, and returns with them to their Scottish summerhouse in the final section.

This lonely character never marries and is both consumed by her art as well as in need of love and connection.

Cam the Wicked - See Cam Ramsay

Augustus Carmichael - This charismatic man stays with the Ramsays when the family is in Scotland. He has had a bad marriage, and has spent time in India. Between his two...

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