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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The medal that Scout and Jem find in the knothole of the oak tree in Chapter 7 is one that was awarded for what achievement?
(a) The Maycomb Sack Race.
(b) Acts of Valor in WWI.
(c) The Maycomb Horse Race.
(d) The Maycomb Spelling Bee.

2. Atticus asks Jem and Scout as he leaves their room in Chapter 13, "Do you think I'll end up costing the family" how much money?
(a) $10,000.
(b) $5,000.
(c) $500.
(d) $200.

3. What time does Scout get out of school each day in Chapter 7?
(a) 2:30.
(b) 3:15.
(c) 2:00.
(d) 3:00.

4. The twirling baton that Scout longs for in Chapter 11 is sold at what store in town?
(a) J. C. Penney's.
(b) V. J. Elmore's.
(c) Sears.
(d) Wal-Mart.

5. Who lives at the far end of Scout's street next door to the post office in Chapter 4?
(a) Cecil Jacobs.
(b) Tensaw Jones.
(c) Maxwell Green.
(d) Link Deas.

6. In the beginning of Chapter 8, Scout says that Maycomb County is experiencing the coldest winter since what year?
(a) 1885.
(b) 1915.
(c) 1789.
(d) 1900.

7. What word is used in the novel to refer to homemade liquor?
(a) Shiner.
(b) Ginny.
(c) Shinny.
(d) Moonbeam.

8. Who does Scout almost come to blows with on the playground because he insults Atticus in the beginning of Chapter 9?
(a) John Taylor.
(b) Bob Ewell.
(c) Dill.
(d) Cecil Jacobs.

9. What grade is Scout beginning in school in Chapter 7?
(a) Fourth grade.
(b) Second grade.
(c) Third grade.
(d) First grade.

10. Whose house has caught fire in Chapter 8?
(a) Miss Stephanie Crawford's.
(b) Mr. Underwood's.
(c) Miss Emily Davis's.
(d) Miss Maudie's.

11. What game does Miss Maudie say Atticus is the best at in town in Chapter 10?
(a) Basketball.
(b) Chess.
(c) Poker.
(d) Checkers.

12. What word does Atticus define for Scout in Chapter 14 as "carnal knowledge of a female by force and without consent"?
(a) Rape.
(b) Insolence.
(c) Coercion.
(d) Fortitude.

13. Where is Atticus returning from in the beginning of Chapter 13?
(a) Montgomery, Alabama.
(b) Washington, D.C.
(c) New Orleans, Louisiana.
(d) Houston, Texas.

14. What does Jem use to try to deliver a message to Boo Radley in Chapter 5?
(a) A rock.
(b) A paper airplane.
(c) A slingshot.
(d) A fishing pole.

15. What does Miss Maudie say Boo Radley's name is in Chapter 5?
(a) Brett.
(b) James.
(c) Boris.
(d) Arthur.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of car does Atticus Finch own and keep in the garage?

2. What does Jem tell Scout to not get tangled up with in the garden as the children steal into the Radley yard in Chapter 6?

3. What is the name of Scout's schoolteacher in Chapter 2?

4. What county in Alabama does Scout's schoolteacher say she's from in Chapter 2?

5. Scout claims in Chapter 8 that "Mr. Avery said it was written on the Rosetta Stone that when children disobeyed their parents, smoked cigarettes and made war on each other," what would happen?

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