To Kill a Mockingbird Character Descriptions

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Mr. Avery

This character is a good-natured, if somewhat coarse, neighbor of the protagonist. He helps fight the fire at Miss Maudie's house at risk to his own life.

Stephanie Crawford

This character is known as a "neighborhood scold" who is always ready to gossip about anything or anyone.

Walter Cunningham Sr.

This character is a member of a poor family who "never took anything they couldn't pay back." He has paid for legal services in the past with firewood and hickory nuts.

Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose

This character is described by the narrator as "the meanest old woman who ever lived." She regularly insults and harasses the children as they walk by her house.

Mayella Ewell

This character lives a lonely life keeping house for her father and seven siblings without assistance. When her father witnesses her attempts to seduce a young black man, his violent outburst leads...

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