Tobacco Road Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What type of work do Lov Bensey and Jeeter Lester do?

Lov Bensey is Jeeter Lester's son-in-law. Lov is a hard working man who is employed by the railroad, but Jeeter Lester is a sharecropper who no longer farms because the land's owner no longer sees profit in it.

2. At whose home does Lov stop on the way home from town and what is he carrying with him?

Lov is walking home from Fuller where he bought a bag of turnips. Lov can see the Lester family in their yard and knows they will try to steal his turnips, but he needs to stop and talk to Jeeter Lester about Lov's wife, Pearl.

3. Who is Pearl and what are Lov's problems with her?

Pearl is Jeeter's twelve-year-old daughter and Lov's wife. Lov is hoping Jeeter will talk her into sleeping in Lov's bed where she belongs. Lov is also concerned because Pearl refuses to talk to him.

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