Objects & Places from Tobacco Road

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Lov stops by the Lester home with with these in order to ask Jeeter Lester about his wife, Pearl Lester Bensey.


Ada begs Jeeter to buy some of this so that she will not feel so hungry without food.

Corn Crib

Jeeter has a fear that a rat will get into his coffin if his family locks it in this place.


Jeeter attempts to sell this hard oak wood as firewood, but it does not burn well and no one will buy it.


This is a birth defect in which the lip and/or part of the mouth do not form properly.

Old Ford Car

Jeeter Lester is constantly attempting to fix this up so that he can take a load of wood to town to sell.

New Ford Car

Sister Bessie buys this in order to take her ministry on the road after...

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