Tobacco Road Character Descriptions

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Jeeter Lester

He is a sharecropper who no longer works the land because the man who owns the land has moved away and cut him off.

Dude Lester

He is a sixteen-year-old boy who speaks very rarely in this novel and does not seem to have much of an opinion on anything.

Ada Lester

She does not worry about the lack of food, but the lack of snuff seems to really upset her.

Ellie May Lester

She will most likely remain at home and not marry because she has a harelip that makes her undesirable as a sexual mate.

Grandma Lester

She is seen as another mouth to feed; therefore, the family does not feed her in the hopes that she will die and stop being a burden on the family's lack of income.

Sister Bessie Rice Lester

She is a religious minister who lives in another sharecropper's...

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