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Chapters 1-3

• Lov Bensey is walking home from Fuller where he bought a bag of turnips when he sees the Lester family--his in-laws--in their yard.

• Lov stops at the Lester farm even though he knows they will steal his turnips.

• Lov is married to Jeeter and Ada Lester's twelve-year-old daughter, Pearl, and Lov is distressed because Pearl will not speak to him or sleep in his bed.
• Jeeter is not interested in talking to Love; he only wants Lov's turnips.

• The Lester family has run out of food and has no means of getting any more so it is torturous to watch Lov eating the turnips.

• Jeeter works on fixing the tire of his car so he can take a load of wood to Augusta to sell.

• Lov begins to flirt with Jeeter's eighteen-year-old daughter, Ellie May, who has a harelip which is the reason Lov had chosen...

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