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Yue Daiyun
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where were 21 people killed in campus warfare?

2. Why did Zhou Enlai not order the helicopter carrying Lin Biao's co-conspirators shot down?

3. In what area was Tang Shuang gifted?

4. Who was Ma Mingzhen?

5. Why did Yue Dainyun always dislike Confucianism?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did a smiling photo of Lao Tang get him in trouble?

2. How did those being interrogated about disparaging remarks against Jiang Qing manage to keep from implicating their family and friends?

3. How did the disputes between factions at the university resemble civil war?

4. How did nine-year-old Tang Shuan help the Jinggang Mountain group?

5. Why was Yue Daiyun stunned and unhappy at the new student orientation at the cadre school?

6. Why were members of the intellectual community resentful of Liang Xiao?

7. Why were Chairman Mao's instructions to unite and return to classes ineffective?

8. What were the most emphatic new directives from Chairman Mao as the conflicts escalated?

9. Why did Yue Daiyun believe that bonds were closer at the cadre school than on the Beijing campus of Beida?

10. Why did Yue Daiyun find it difficult to teach a course about the struggle between bourgeois and proletarian literary theory?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What differences do you see between the administration of sanctions in China and in other countries? Who determines who is at fault? Who determines the punishment? What effect do those differences have on Yue Daiyun and her family?

Essay Topic 2

Do you believe that Yue Daiyun's basic political philosophy changed greatly during the years she has described in her story? Give reasons, quotations, and examples to support your opinion.

Essay Topic 3

Parent-child relationships are an important theme in this memoir, as children were encouraged to distance themselves from the reactionary or intellectual thought patterns of their parents. As a young bride, Yue Daiyun draws such a line against her father-in-law, and she later regrets it. Her own children find it necessary to repudiate their parents. Analyze and evaluate the effects of this disjunction on family relationships.

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