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Yue Daiyun
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How were landlords punished in the village of Jiangxi during land reform?
(a) They were killed.
(b) They were beaten.
(c) They were harassed.
(d) They were sent away.

2. What effect did the struggle sessions have on Lao Chen, the literature department head?
(a) He was forced to resign or be fired from his position.
(b) He commited suicide.
(c) He was sent to the countryside for re-education.
(d) He resigned his position.

3. What first shook Yue Daiyun's faith in the Communist party?
(a) Being forced to criticize others.
(b) Facing criticism as a rightist.
(c) Criticism of Lao Tang's friendship with her.
(d) Realizing that the famine in 1959 was manmade.

4. How did Yue Daiyun learn to carry water?
(a) In a wheelbarrow.
(b) On her head.
(c) On a shoulder pole.
(d) In handheld buckets.

5. What objection did Communist party members have to the French novel, The Red and the Black?
(a) It encouraged immorality.
(b) It encouraged disrespect.
(c) It encouraged individual creativity over self-effacement.
(d) It encouraged blind acquiescence.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Chinese legend, why does a baby smile for the first time?

2. What interrupted Yue Daiyun's celebration of her son's one-month birthday?

3. Why did Yue Daiyun relate to her sister-in-law's father?

4. Who was Yue Daiyun's first love?

5. What unexpected speaker came to the meeting on July 22 during the student struggles?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why had Yue Daiyun's earlier visit to the Soviet Union been disillusioning?

2. Why was Yue Daiyun to be criticized while on maternity leave?

3. What is the "theory of revolutionary inheritance"?

4. Why weren't the peasants reassured by the harsh treatment of their former landlords?

5. In 1976, what did the students do to Yue Daiyun's home?

6. How did the peasants react to the decision to distribute work points evenly, with eight each day for women and ten per day for men?

7. Why is the one-month birthday an important event in China?

8. How was Yue Daiyun used during the Four Clean-Ups campaign in 1965?

9. Why did Yue Daiyun decide not to object to being considered a rightist?

10. Why was Yue Daiyun unworried about the criticism she was to face?

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