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Carolly Erickson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the one thing Erickson says King Louis XV had an understanding of?
(a) Biology.
(b) The economy.
(c) Chemistry.
(d) Foreign affairs.

2. What kind of stories does Maria not want the servants to tell her children?
(a) Bible stories.
(b) Fantasy stories.
(c) Horror stories.
(d) Love stories.

3. Why were French courtiers so vulnerable to fraudsters?
(a) They were always looking for ways to increase their power.
(b) They were always hanging around court.
(c) They were always looking to go behind the king's back.
(d) They were always looking to marry

4. What did Louis and Antoinette exchange with one another before they met?
(a) Letters.
(b) Portraits.
(c) Diaries.
(d) Rings.

5. How does Erickson say Antoinette put the thought of becoming queen out of her mind?
(a) Left for Austria.
(b) Pretended nothing was happening.
(c) Partied all the time.
(d) Read romance books.

6. What was Hume's opinion of Versailles?
(a) It was over-extravagant.
(b) It was stunning.
(c) It was filthy.
(d) It was a fairy tale.

7. What does Antoinette persuade the King to do at the beginning of chapter twelve?
(a) To go to war with England.
(b) To banish Artois from Paris.
(c) To buy her a new palace.
(d) To get a operation to help him perform sexually.

8. What did people take as a sign that Antoinette was not ready to be queen?
(a) She was having an affair with two of her servants.
(b) She continued to spend as if she did not know the meaning of money.
(c) She did not curb some of Louis's less desirable behaviors.
(d) She was always partying in Paris.

9. Which famous philosopher does Erickson quote in chapter eleven?
(a) Fredrich Nietszche.
(b) Immanuel Kant.
(c) Bertrude Russell.
(d) David Hume.

10. What is Turgot's position in the court?
(a) Finance minister.
(b) Chief advisor.
(c) Chief jester.
(d) Gun reloader.

11. What did Antoinette keep as pets?
(a) Dogs.
(b) Mice.
(c) Rats.
(d) Cats.

12. What is Joseph's official title?
(a) Holy Roman Emperor.
(b) The Pope.
(c) King of Austria.
(d) Count.

13. What does the King tell Mercy he wants Antoinette to stop doing?
(a) Sleeping with her servants.
(b) Snubbing du Barry.
(c) Eating with her servants.
(d) Keeping dogs.

14. What country is Jacques Necker from?
(a) Germany.
(b) Switzerland.
(c) France.
(d) Austria.

15. How did Marie Antoinette like to wear her hair?
(a) High on her head.
(b) Short.
(c) In a bun.
(d) In a ponytail.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why isn't Emperor Francis the perfect husband Maria Theresa claims he is?

2. Which famous person dies in this section?

3. Who did the Austrian envoy to France have to report to?

4. What did Antoinette have to attend everyday with the King?

5. How did de Gnemenee finance his lavish lifestyle?

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