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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Avarm say he never imagined?
(a) He would betray Ilan.
(b) He could ever be close to Ofer.
(c) He could love Ora again in the sexual sense.
(d) It was possible to live an entire life without purpose.

2. What did Neta say on Avram's phone?
(a) She is involved with someone else.
(b) She wants to come get the rest of her stuff.
(c) She misses Avram.
(d) She thought she was pregnant but it was a false alarm.

3. What does Ora continue to tell Avram?
(a) Stories about how Ilan treated her.
(b) Stories about how she and Sami become friends.
(c) Stories about Mount Hebron and the times she has visited there.
(d) Stories about Ofer.

4. What did Ora pray for when she becomes pregnant a second time?
(a) That Adam would love her.
(b) That Ilan would finally love her.
(c) A girl.
(d) Twins.

5. What does Ilan get the Intelligence NCO to do?
(a) Set up the scanner.
(b) Show him Avram's orders.
(c) Give Ilan a rifle.
(d) Set up a decoder.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ora attack Avram?

2. To where does Ilan walk?

3. What does Avram want when he blocks Ora from moving any further?

4. What does Ora say she and Ilan changed in Avram's mother's house?

5. What does Ora think Ofer is more suited to than she is?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Ilan do when Avram was missing?

2. What did Ilan do when he came home and what did Ora do when Avram was in a coma?

3. What fascinates Avram about Ofer and what did Ofer do when he was sixteen?

4. What does Avram ask Ora after she describes Ofer to him and what do they do?

5. What upset Ofer when he was six about the Jews and what did he say about being one?

6. What does Avram tell Ora about being on the trail with her and what is her concern?

7. What did Ilan wonder about with Ofer and Avram and what is Ora's response? How do they feel about raising Ofer?

8. What does Avram say when Ora tells him about Ilan teaching Ofer words and what is Ora's reaction to his words?

9. What does Avram ask about his mother's house, and what is Ora's response?

10. Why does Avram startle Ora as she is writing, what does he ask and what is her reply?

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