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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ora do when Sami plays the radio loudly?
(a) Turns it off.
(b) Ignores it.
(c) Changes the chanel.
(d) Sings along with it.

2. Why does Ora ask Sami to pull over?
(a) To take a picture of Mount Ararat.
(b) To throw up.
(c) To let Avram go to the bathroom.
(d) To find her water bottle.

3. What does Ora notice about Avram?
(a) That he no longer seems interested in life.
(b) That he has a lot of grey in his hair.
(c) That he no longer seems interested in her.
(d) That he has changed a lot in the past three years.

4. What does Avram say the pill will soon do?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Relieve his pain.
(c) Knock him out.
(d) Relieve his anxiety.

5. Why does Ora's body hurt?
(a) She was beat up by some Arabs.
(b) She carried Avram down some stairs and through fields.
(c) She fell down a bluff.
(d) She slept on a lumpy mattress.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sami admit about Rami?

2. What leaves him exhausted?

3. What does Ora see on the news?

4. How does Ora treat Rami?

5. Why is Sami scared?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ora do after they eat, what does Avram ask her and what is her response?

2. What does Sami say when he returns to the phone?

3. Where are Ora and Avram as the sun rises and how did they get there?

4. What does Avram tell Ora about being on the trail with her and what is her concern?

5. What happens when Ora is watching the news at 9 that night?

6. What does Sami admit about the young boy and where do they take him?

7. What did Ora do when she canceled with a patient and left her office?

8. How does Ora feel about Avram's response to the answer in question #26 and what does he think about as he considers her question?

9. What upset Ofer when he was six about the Jews and what did he say about being one?

10. What did Ora do after she found out Avram knew about Adam and what does Avram say about a nurse in the hospital? What is Ora's response to his story about the nurse?

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