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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ilan reveal to Avram about Ora?
(a) Ilan does not return her feelings.
(b) Ilan is deeply in love with Ora.
(c) She will never be able to choose between Ilan and Avram.
(d) Ora will only hurt both of them.

2. Who does Ora decide to apologize to when she gets home?
(a) Ofer.
(b) Adam.
(c) Ilan.
(d) Sami.

3. What does Ora ask an older man?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Which direction is Tel Aviv.
(c) Why they must fight each other.
(d) If she can ask him two questions.

4. What would be the effect on Adam if what Ora is worrying about happens?
(a) Adam would defend Ofer and not speak to Ilan.
(b) Adam would be badly hurt.
(c) Adam would try to defend Ora.
(d) Adam would not be able to live at home.

5. What does Ilan think about when the Egyptians bomb Hamama?
(a) That he would never see Avram's unborn child.
(b) All the things he would never get to do again with Avram.
(c) That he would never hold Adam again.
(d) That he would always love Avram.

6. What does Ora worry about concerning Ilan as she is lying bed and pregnant with Ofer?
(a) That Ilan is ill.
(b) That Ilan will be cruel to Ofer.
(c) That he is thinking of leaving again.
(d) That Ilan is angry with Ora.

7. What always happens to Ofer when Adam is around Ofer?
(a) Nothing different.
(b) Ofer comes to life.
(c) Ofer usually leaves.
(d) Ofer becomes very quiet.

8. Why does Ora attack Avram?
(a) For punishing her and Ofer for so many years.
(b) For saying he wanted her to miscarry when she is pregnant with Ofer.
(c) For saying Ofer is not his.
(d) For saying he loves Ilan more than Ora.

9. Who does Ora ask about the incident with the old man?
(a) Ilan.
(b) Avram.
(c) Davir.
(d) Ofer.

10. Where does Ora leave her notebook?
(a) Slipped into a niche in a cave near the Sea of Galilee.
(b) On top of Kren Naphtali.
(c) Where they had slept the night before.
(d) On top of Hebron.

11. Why does Avram repeat stories about Ofer to himself?
(a) To remember them clearly.
(b) Because Ora has stopped talking about Ofer.
(c) To find any inconsistencies.
(d) To see where Ofer is like Avram.

12. When Ora catches a bus to the end of the line and then back, what terrifies her?
(a) The thought that Ofer has to kill men.
(b) The thought that Ofer could be on another bus that might explode.
(c) The thought that the driver could be a suicide bomber.
(d) The thought that she will not see Avram again.

13. What does Ora read to Avram when he is in an induced coma?
(a) Song of Songs.
(b) His letters to her.
(c) Her letters to him.
(d) Ofer's childhood stories.

14. When does Ofer quit being a vegetarian?
(a) Age 12.
(b) Age 16.
(c) Age 14.
(d) Age 21.

15. What does the Commander claim about Avram?
(a) Avram is on a secret mission.
(b) Avram is badly wounded.
(c) Avram is driving them all crazy.
(d) Avram was AWOL.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Avarm say he never imagined?

2. Why is Ora disappointed when Avram lets her go?

3. What does Ilan say about himself in relation to females?

4. Why does Avram jump from a tree?

5. What does Avram do as Ora is describing Ofer?

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