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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 8: The Walk, pages 460-513.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ora say she needs to talk about Ofer?
(a) To give him strength.
(b) To not be nervous.
(c) To feel close to Ofer.
(d) To know he's safe.

2. What does Ora notice about Avram?
(a) That he has changed a lot in the past three years.
(b) That he no longer seems interested in life.
(c) That he has a lot of grey in his hair.
(d) That he no longer seems interested in her.

3. What does Ilan admit fearing?
(a) The loss of Adam's love.
(b) The unborn baby.
(c) The loss of Ora's love.
(d) The loss of Avram's love.

4. What does Avram insist upon hearing?
(a) The story of Ilan looking for Avram.
(b) The story of Ofer's birth.
(c) What Ilan said about Ofer's birth.
(d) The story of when Ora realizes she is pregnant with Ofer.

5. What does Ilan wonder about concerning the unborn baby who will be Ofer and Avram?
(a) If Ofer will love Avram.
(b) If Avram would believe that Ofer is his son.
(c) If Avram would like to be involved in Ofer's upbringing.
(d) If they should tell Ofer about Avram.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the boy in the hospital during the war signal enemy planes?

2. Who does Avram think of as being snobbish?

3. Where does Ora say Ilan goes on the second or third day of the war?

4. What did Ora pray for when she becomes pregnant a second time?

5. What does Avram try to imagine?

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