To the End of the Land Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Section 1: Prologue, 1967, pages 3-47

• The Prologue introduces the main characters, Ora and Avram, who are teens in a hospital recovering from a serious illness. Avram's roommate in the hospital is Ilan, who later marries Ora.

• Ora is grieving the death of her best friend, Ada, who is killed by a bus. Ora's singing disturbs Avram, who comes to tell her to be quiet. They become friends, along with Ilan.

• Ora and Avram do not even exchange names over several days of talking, though, when Avram brings Ilan to Ora's room, names are exchanged.
• Avram and Ora discover that they both like to write and share a little about what they write.

• Avram, after hearing a song Ora and her friend Ada had written, decides he wants to marry Ora.

• Ora at first resists letting Ilan into their circle, but relents and the three teens become friends.

Section 2: The Walk, 2000, pages 48-90

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