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Bill Ayers
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Building Bridges.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ayers suggests that what happens when teacher's begin to value a child's opinions and experiences?
(a) Children became more shy.
(b) Children began to think more openly.
(c) Children became close-minded.
(d) Children disobeyed authority figures.

2. When Ayers took children to the airport concourse, what did they do?
(a) The children ran.
(b) The children watched people.
(c) The children ate.
(d) The children sat down.

3. What did Zayd want to get like Crazy Horse?
(a) Faith.
(b) Wisdom.
(c) A vision.
(d) Respect.

4. Ayers believes that what sets up schools as institutional forms for re-creation of specific values and norms, dispositions, and assumptions?
(a) Towns.
(b) Cities.
(c) Villages.
(d) Societies.

5. What did Duke bring to the attention of the other children about Mr. Ayers?
(a) Mr. Ayers's mouth.
(b) Mr. Ayers's nose.
(c) Mr. Ayers's hands.
(d) Mr. Ayers's eyes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who described an astonishing process while teaching a course "The Art of Black English"?

2. What does Ayers say "allowed us to glimpse into something of the depth of this enterprise and to unearth the intellectual and ethical implications"?

3. When To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher was written, what percentage of American children awoke everyday in poverty?

4. Which country's children did Gellhorn write about?

5. Ayers believes that learning is what?

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