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Bill Ayers
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Keeping Track.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who underlined the importance of identity and broadening group affiliation with adolescents?
(a) Abraham Maslow.
(b) Sigmund Freud.
(c) Erik Erikson.
(d) Jean Piaget.

2. How did Ayers stay alive as a teacher?
(a) Ayers did not let things bother him.
(b) Ayers knew it all.
(c) Ayers stayed open to mystery.
(d) Ayers closed his mind to others.

3. What is the root word for evaluation discussed in Chapter 6, "Keeping Track"?
(a) Value.
(b) Eval.
(c) Test.
(d) Assessment.

4. What do many teachers, according to Ayers, keep in a file cabinet or shelf that became part of a "museum"?
(a) Anecdotal records.
(b) Checklists.
(c) Student work.
(d) Tape recordings.

5. What model is curriculum built on based on Ayers's research?
(a) The deficit model.
(b) The surplus model.
(c) The student-centered model.
(d) The teacher-centered model.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ayers stated that ________________________ is more dogmatic and insistent than any religion or political ideology.

2. Who described an astonishing process while teaching a course "The Art of Black English"?

3. Who created an impressive archive and research center where they have collected the work of hundreds of children over many years?

4. In Chapter 2, "Seeing the Student," what did Ayers have children research for an assignment?

5. How did deficiencies make Ayers feel?

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