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Bill Ayers
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Keeping Track.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who believed that "young children's thinking is concrete and immediate compared to the thinking of older children"?
(a) Jean Piaget.
(b) Abraham Maslow.
(c) Erik Erikson.
(d) Sigmund Freud.

2. Ayers suggests that what is built on a base of knowledge about students?
(a) Outstanding schools.
(b) Outstanding learning.
(c) Outstanding parents.
(d) Outstanding teaching.

3. What is considered by Ayers an epidemic in our schools known as a toxic habit with no limits?
(a) Labeling.
(b) Flu.
(c) Prejudice.
(d) Stereotyping.

4. Who was Chesa's teacher that admired Chesa's strengths instead of focusing on his weaknesses?
(a) Nel Noddings.
(b) Kevin Sweeney.
(c) Hannah Arendt.
(d) Maxine Greene.

5. Ayers suggests that what happens when teacher's begin to value a child's opinions and experiences?
(a) Children began to think more openly.
(b) Children became close-minded.
(c) Children disobeyed authority figures.
(d) Children became more shy.

Short Answer Questions

1. As suggested in Chapter 6, "Keeping Track," who requires standardized tests to comply with state law?

2. According to Chapter 2, "Seeing the Student," how did a staff review session end?

3. What grade levels were standardized testing banned around the nation?

4. What is a great motivator for student ceremonies according to Chapter 4, "Building Bridges"?

5. Ayers points out that __________________________________ is the most powerful predictor of how a child will do on a test.

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