Objects & Places from To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher

Bill Ayers
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This was the city William Ayers spent most of his professional life.

The Classroom

This place was more of a laboratory from Ayers's view.

The Public School

This place could be see as a place of great learning and growth or its opposite.

Hyde Park

This was the suburb in which Ayers resided.


This is concept that humans have natural creative propensities that express themselves differently in development.


Ayers defends the development of the individual, arguing that current educational practice prevent individuality from surfacing.

Standardized Tests

These objects were criticized by Ayers for failing to track real progress in learning that matters.

Projects and Portfolios

These objects, according to Ayers, should be used when teaching students rather than tests.


This object was seen as a passive set of facts to be taught.

Education College

This was the location where people learned to teach.

Classroom Environments

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