To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher Character Descriptions

Bill Ayers
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William Ayers

This person specialized in elementary education theory and was known as a leader in the American anti-war movement opposed to the War in Vietnam.

The Teacher

This person was undervalued, trapped, and oppressed by the restraints of the public school system.

The Student

This person should be the center or focus of the educational system.

Bernardine Dohrn

This person supported her son in his "coming of age" ceremony.

Zayd Ayers-Dohrn

This person was used as an illustration in teaching methods suggested in the book.

Maxine Greene

This person was a teacher and an American educational philosopher who believed that teachers cannot be depersonalized by the demands of students.

Hannah Arendt

This person was a famous political theorist and teacher who believed that education was where we determine whether we love the world enough to take responsibility for it.

Standardized Test Makers

These people failed to test...

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