To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bill Ayers
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• William Ayers believes that a love of the country's children is narrow and narcissistic.

• Ayers believes a love of children should be the center of efforts to improve teaching.

• Ayers wants to encourage hope for America's children.
• Ayers believes that teachers need ethical and intellectual vision to sustain hope and love.

• Literacy and dropping out of school are linked.

• The higher drop out rate equals higher crime rates.
• Approximately 22% of American children were living in poverty at the time of publication.

• Ayers believes that childhood should be full of invention, discovery, and surprise.

• Schools are too large and managerial.
• Dropouts cite a lack of caring teachers as one reason for dropping out.

• Smaller schools are the key for creating more caring environments.

• Ayers believes that producing school change is producing social change.

Chapter 1, Beginning, The Challenge of Teaching

• The life of a teacher is a compilation of...

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