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Part 1, Chapter 1

• 3 wealthy immigrants beg Morgan to smuggle them to Florida. Morgan refuses, and then watches as they get gunned down.

• Johnson has chartered Morgan's boat for 3 weeks of fishing. Morgan has Eddy help for $4 a day, and a black man arranges the bait.

• Johnson has a bad day of fishing, as it is not what he expected. The first marlin breaks the line.

• The second marlin is too big for him to handle, especially after he undoes the harness against Morgan's advice. The fish takes the rod and reel.

• Johnson is done after the first day and promises to settle the money with Morgan when the banks open the next day. He skips town instead.

• Morgan kicks himself for not smuggling the immigrants in. He is completely broke and has few prospects of work at the time.

Part 1, Chapters 2-5

• Frankie introduces Morgan to Sing, a Chinese...

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