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Part I

• To Build a Fire begins at nine o'clock on a winter morning as an unnamed man travels across the Yukon Territory in Northwestern Canada.

• The man is a chechaquo (cheechako), a Chinook jargon word meaning "newcomer."

• The man is on his way to join the rest of his companions at an old mining camp on a distant fork of Henderson Creek, and he estimates his arrival time will be six o'clock in the evening.

• The man is traveling on foot; all he has by way of supplies is his lunch.

• It is not long before the man realizes that the temperature is colder than fifty below, but this fact does not yet worry him.

Part II

• The man is accompanied only by a dog—"a big native husky," wilder than other breeds.

• Despite its heavy fur, the dog dislikes traveling in brutally cold weather.

• The man...

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