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Julius Lester
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who said, "Judge Miller! Don't you bid for me, 'cause if you do, I would not live on your plantation. I will take a knife and cut my own throat from ear to ear before I would be owned by you."?

2. Once the slaves left the field, what did they do?

3. What is the first group of people that the colonists tried out as slaves?

4. How was Frank Cooper and his sister given a taste of slavery?

5. In southern society, a man's status was based upon:

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the overall reaction from the slave owner community once slaves were freed?

2. From Chapter 4, discuss how slave owners brainwashed slaves.

3. What was the overall reaction from the slave community once they were freed?

4. In Chapter 2, Abraham Lincoln's election to presidency is mentioned. What was a result on the slave trading market?

5. How effective was the Emancipation Proclamation once it was issued in 1863?

6. According to the Prologue, how was slavery in the United States different than slavery in other countries?

7. Was the government to blame for the confusion of the freed slaves? Why or why not?

8. Describe how the slaves were held in the slave galley of the ships.

9. In the Prologue, what does Ball say happened to the African women and children?

10. What was the KKK and what did they do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

For most slaves, the plantation was the only thing that they knew. Describe what a typical plantation looked like and who lived on it. What were the duties of a slave living on a plantation? What were the living conditions and daily lifestyle? Discuss in detail whether such a lifestyle was just and what part of human nature drove slave owners to treat their slaves in such manners. Why did the slaves continue to work as they did?

Essay Topic 2

Fear is universal. It was a feeling that ruled the slaves and the slave owners used to rule. What is fear? How was fear instilled within the slaves and why did it rule them? What did this fear prevent them from doing and how did it keep them this way? Slave owners themselves also held fears. What were they and how did they attempt to hide it from their slaves? Discuss also how fear and power go hand in hand.

Essay Topic 3

Slavery was not always present in the United States nor were the blacks the first slaves. Why did slavery begin and how did colonists eventually move to using blacks as slaves? How were the slaves captured and how did the slave trading begin?

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