To Be a Slave Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Julius Lester
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• Slave owners had two major reasons to begin enslaving other human beings: laziness and greed.

• The failed attempts to use American Indians for manual labor and whites as indentured servants ultimately led to the decision to use blacks as slaves.

• Slave trading turning into a complex and widespread business that spread throughout the Americas and West Indies.

• The slaves were not provided a single comfort during the transport from Africa to the New World and despite the many deaths on the journeys, some fifty million people were brought over as slaves over the years of slave trade.

Chapter 1, To Be a Slave

• Slave owners developed a sense of power by using the whip to discipline slaves and reduce rebellion.

• Slaves were not the dumb, disfigured, labor-working humans that they were often depicted to be, but were real people who had feelings of love and sorrow and joy...

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