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Ron Chernow
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5-6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Maurice Clark and his brothers are in business with John D. in the refinery and John D. does not like this for what reason?
(a) He does not get along with them.
(b) They have the votes to override him.
(c) They do not listen to his ideas.
(d) He does not like the business.

2. They have a son, ________________ Rockefeller who is born in Granger, New York in 1810.
(a) William Allen.
(b) William Austin.
(c) William Avery.
(d) William Aaron.

3. As what is Bill known?
(a) Mr. Rockefeller.
(b) Crazy Rockefeller.
(c) Doc Rockefeller.
(d) Pa Rockefeller.

4. In what year do John D. and Maurice B. Clark open their own business?
(a) 1855.
(b) 1844.
(c) 1866.
(d) 1833.

5. John D. quits school and takes a three month course where at the age of sixteen?
(a) At the University of Akron.
(b) At Kent State University.
(c) At a commercial college.
(d) At Bowling Green State University.

Short Answer Questions

1. Big Bill brings his former housekeeper and mistress, _______________, to live with them and has children with both women.

2. At this time, his friends come from the community at the _______________ church where he is very active in church activities.

3. In 1860, the first kerosene is made in what city by C. A. Dean?

4. At this time, there is oil in what state?

5. Big Bill married for what reason?

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