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Adventures with Bergetto

Write a story about one of the merry happenings of Bergetto's life.

Learn About John Ford

Research John Ford and learn about his life and works.

Italy, 1600

Research the time and place of the play to understand it better.

Which Character was Most Like You?

Compare and contrast yourself to a character you saw as most like you, or to one you liked the best.

'Tis Pity '09

How could this story be modernized? What would have to be changed to appeal to audiences? Write a short draft of your ideas.


Think about this play's tones, moods, concepts, etc. In terms of color and image, how do you see it? Turn it into a collage using anything that reminds you of the play. Present to your class and talk about why you chose the materials that you did for your collage and how these...

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