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Essay Topic 1

How is action/reaction an important concept of the play? What actions spark the most significant reactions?

Essay Topic 2

Summarize Annabella and Giovanni's turbulent relationship from beginning to end. How does it start? How does it change? What feeds it? What destroys it?

Essay Topic 3

What subplots are in the play? How do they tie in to the main plot?

Essay Topic 4

Which characters stand for good? Which characters stand for evil? Which characters are both?

Essay Topic 5

Who is selfish and who is selfless? Are there any characters that are difficult to distinguish this difference in?

Essay Topic 6

What motivates Giovanni? How do his motivations change throughout the play? What motivates his final actions?

Essay Topic 7

What comic relief is there in this tragic play? Is there enough comic relief? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 8

Putana's fate seems cruel and unusual. What was its...

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