'Tis Pity She's a Whore Character Descriptions

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Annabella - This character is a daughter of a gentle man, and she is in love with her brother.

Bergetto - This character serves as comic relief, and is dense and vulgar.

Friar Bonaventura - This character is the conscience to the play, a religious figure that provides wisdom and guidance for other characters.

The Cardinal - This character is a corrupt religious figure.

Donado - This character hopes to marry his foolish nephew. This character mourns for his nephew when he dies.

Florio - This character is the father to the siblings that love one another in the play.

Giovanni - This character provokes an incestuous affair, and murders in the name of that affair.

Grimaldi - This character kills the wrong man. He is protected by a religious figure afterward.

Hippolita - This character is an unfaithful wife that is killed.

Philotis - This...

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